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The Story Behind Calgary's Pooping Rainbow Animal Art

Poop Hearts offers prints, apparel, cards and more that feature rainbow animals pooping hearts.

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The Lighter More Colourful Side of Poop

Calgary Entrepreneur Erin Moffatt finds the lighter more colourful side of poop! Alberta PrimeTime


Erin Moffatt, a laid off oil and gas engineer turned entrepreneur at her home in Calgary, Alta., on Thursday January 19, 2017, sells clothing, cards, etc., from her home-based business called Poop Heart Inc. and has specifically chosen to ship straight from her Calgary-based manufacturer to keep traffic down at her house. Leah Hennel/Postmedia
Alberta's unemployment rate has hit its highest level in 22 years. And Calgary is leading the way with a jobless rate at a staggering 10.3%. Here's Jayme Doll with the numbers, but also how some are starting to find a silver lining.

Poop Hearts & Crafts - January 31st  2017

Join us for a night of crafting, shopping, and talking shit!

Presentation from Erin Moffatt, Founder of Poop Heart



    Ready to take your early-stage business to the next level? 

    ATB X supports select entrepreneurs by providing a program that includes space, mentorship, and a network catered to driving local entrepreneurship and innovation to new heights...

    Calgary Entrepreneur: From the ashes of Calgary's bad economy rises Poop Heart

    When the economy shits on you, you turn that stuff into rainbow coloured hearts and put it on pillows, mugs, and tshirts – at least that’s what Erin Moffatt did...


    Five stories of how Calgarians adapted to the sluggish economy

    When she was working for a junior oil company, Erin Moffatt made funny artwork on the side, but after she was laid off it became her full-time job...

    Poop Business: Top 5 Poop Businesses That Change The World

    Poop is often a taboo topic in Western world, but these poop businesses have proven just how beneficial it can be for the world. Below you will find top 30 poop businesses and innovations that are making world a better place.

    People frequently take stock and ask themselves, "What's missing in my life?"  For Erin Moffatt the answer to that question was, one day: humorous, inoffensive and pretty art for her bathroom...

    Brett Wilson Cigar Room #2

    We had the one and only Brett Wilson on the show again this week! Unfortunately though he didn’t stop by to talk to us, he stopped by to talk to our rich friends Henry And Claude in the Cigar Room.


    Calgary artist's potty humor artwork aims to life lid on world sanitation issues

    Calgary artist Erin Moffatt took what she called a "crappy" situation and turned it into the piles of colourful nuggets at the centre of her artwork with the hope of drawing attention to a cause close to her heart...


    Calgary artist dumps a knowledge bomb about world sanitation

    When the former engineer lost her job last year, she decided to take her passions – art and sanitation – and create a business out of them...

    Poop Heart Kickstarter

    Hi I'm Erin the founder and artist behind (warning I love poop puns) Poop Heart. We could all use a little more joy in our lives and I hope my art and products make you smile...

    UberPITCH: Calgary's Best Ideas On-Demand

    Erin is a born and raised Calgarian and engineer turned entrepreneur after losing her job in the oil patch...