Poop Heart is proud to donate 10% of all proceeds to CAWST


To learn more about the water and sanitation challenges check out cawst.org/why

So how do we fix this?

Its not enough to build toilets for people. At Poop Heart we believe in helping people help themselves and that’s why we’ve teamed up with CAWST.

CAWST uses the “teach a man to fish” approach to help people get safe drinking water and sanitation in developing countries. CAWST provides the knowledge and skills so that people can solve their own challenges and have safe water for generations to come.

This little girl from Ndola, Zambia now drinks safe water every day because her grandmother Mary was trained by local organization Seed of Hope International Partnerships.

Seeds of Hope has learned how to deliver trainings that empowers independent action thanks to CAWST. CAWST's clients have implemented water or sanitation projects in 82 countries helping 15.4 million people since 2001.


CAWST sanitization projects map

By supporting CAWST, poop heart is helping people get life’s basics.

Water. Sanitation. Hygiene.

Check out CAWST’s website to learn more.

Poop Heart is proud to donate 10% of all proceeds to CAWST.

To see how CAWST uses the money go to www.cawst.org/giftofwater.